Our awesome Spark Robot Speaker: Karen Chovan

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We, at Spark the Change India, are delighted to have Karen as our awesome Spark Robot Speaker at Spark the Change 24-25 February, 2018.

Karen Chovan

Karen’s mission statement:

“To engage, educate and enable people working in projects and organisations, so that their individual efforts can make a positive impact.”

Over the past decade, Karen has worked with various groups within the mining and project management sectors. Karen is a geological engineer, project manager, sustainability expert and change agent with 20 years of experience based out of Saskatoon in Canada;  someone who believes that the greatest value can only be derived through common goals, healthy engagement and collaboration to reduce wasteful practices.

Karen is a strategic forward thinker with strengths in binding together data, information and people, to identify risks and opportunities to solve complex challenges including leading teams through transformational change.

Karen’s topic at Spark the Change: Design to engage and align for project success
Spark Theme: Unleashing people

Diving further into Design to engage and align for project success
Common causes of failure of projects Karen has seen across different sectors are those of poor visibility of ongoing work and communication breakdowns! Yes, even those projects claiming to be agile in that sector! Even though these problems are well known in the different sectors, we still struggle to address this challenge and fail to create awesome, engaging, functional, innovative and collaborative teams.

In this session at Spark the Change in Pune (India), Karen introduces the process of Design Thinking in this context. You explore how this can be used to bring teams together for a common purpose, how through a bit of brain science and psychological studies this process helps us collaborate and engage even with our siloed teams. And finally, how we gain alignment to find solutions to our challenges and work together until we solve them.

The end result? We come out with much more engaged, functional and collaborative teams – unleashing their power within – who can then move on to have more successful projects!

If you as a Spark participant are keen to

  • Raise awareness of how collaborative, iterative design processes can be used to solve our talent management challenges and not just to figure out product / service solutions for your customers
  • Gain an understanding of how and why the processes within Design Thinking increase motivation, engagement and collaboration of team members and stakeholders

then this is the session for you to be in at Spark the Change in Pune, India on the 24-25 February, 2018 with Karen Chovan!


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