Our awesome Spark Speaker: Andrea Darabos

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We, at Spark the Change India, are delighted to have Andrea Darabos as our awesome Spark Speaker at Spark the Change 24-25 February, 2018 in Pune.

Andrea Darabos

Andrea, a Digital Coach, has international experience in implementation of large-scale change programmes for various multinationals across Europe, US, Canada and Asia, including marketing, sales, finance, logistics, IT/product development, innovation and customer support and currently coaches teams at different levels at HSBC Global.

Andrea is based out of London and works with people and organisations to help them reimagine different and better ways that they can work with in the future. She also helps them radically improve their business position and work culture by lean continuous improvement and systems thinking, allowing rapid innovation, achieving employee engagement and satisfaction and an organisation culture that’s built on respect for people and team work.

Andrea’s topic at Spark the Change: Build a Positive Cycle of Organisational Purpose, Strengths and Creativity
Spark ThemeUnleashing People

Diving further into Build a Positive Cycle of Organisational Purpose, Strengths and Creativity

“Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it”, a quote by Stephen Hawking. Wish we all saw it that way. Unfortunately more than 70% of the employees are disengaged in the US. More than 85% of them don’t feel meaning at work worldwide, according to Gallup. It costs the economy more than 500 Billion dollars each year to run businesses and engage people like this. Andrea proposes this session to create a Positive cycle that creates meaning, uses talent and delivers creativity and reinforces that.

If you as a Spark participant are keen to

  • Gain take-aways on how to develop our work environment into a creative, inspiring one and on how to build a high performing team
  • Get some actionable tips on how to create meaning, creativity and employee engagement so that we can attract and retain top talent
  • Gain insights about your own strengths and how to contribute in many different ways to your organisation’s inspiring mission

then this is the session for you to be in at Spark the Change in Pune, India on the 24-25 February, 2018 with Andrea Darabos!


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