Our Awesome Spark Speaker: Rich Batchelor


We, at Spark the Change India, are delighted to have Rich Batchelor, as our awesome Spark speaker at Spark the change in Pune, India on 24-25 February, 2018.


Rich is an international Change Management Professional from Canada. He is also a founding member of the Association of Change Management Professionals. He has successfully delivered change for over 25 years globally. His legacy also includes developing the change delivery model for the UK government.

Rich is an international speaker and has also been involved at Spark the Change in Toronto, his recent-most involvement being this year where I also had a chance to say hello to Rich over the Robot that I participated from at the Spark Toronto conference. 🙂

Rich’s Spark the Change India Topic: “Can you feel the Bricks, the Lego® Bricks?

This Spark session of Rich’s interestingly spans across 2 spark themes – Disruption and Change and Unleashing people.

Throughout this session, Rich takes the Spark participants through a change journey allowing everyone to understand how it feels to be disrupted and recognise those emotions. Through this change journey, one also learns to recognise their own response in the context especially when we lose the power of control to another person.

It is amazing how Lego® Serious Play® is used as a tool for people to create something that you make a psychological contract to and then experience disruption and understand your emotions and responses when navigating change.

Come see for yourself, unveil more on how this change journey is blended with the Lego® Serious Play® approach and join us at Rich’s session at Spark the Change, India, on 24-25 February, 2018.


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